y & p socom 23 gas non blowback pistol

Head this way for reviews of gas-operated airsoft guns.
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y & p socom 23 gas non blowback pistol

Post by stuckmojo » Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:42 pm

i brought this pistol a while back at airsoft atlanta  for 50 bucks and after shooting with this gun for 6 months i figured it was time to write a review.
first of all i was decieved by the picture at aa and didnt realize that this was a large type pistol  but the size has really grown on me and i love it.  the gun came with a silencer which makes the gun kinda of bulky with it on but the upside is that the silencer is a tite bore barrel and adds 10 to 15 fps to the gun.
the gun chronos between 300 and 310 without the silencer and 310 to 325 with.  i was truely amazed at the distance i get with this gun.  the first thing i noticed when i first got it is that the bbs where hoping up massively with .25's.  there is no visible hop up and there is nothing mentioned in the owners manual.  thanks to the diligence of my son red fury he found a video on you tube about the gun and there is indeed a hop up inside the gun.  i will post the link at the end of this thread.  the slide comes off easily by removing the slide catch pin and low and behold there is an adjustable hop up inside the slide.  the draw back is with any amount of hop up that is turn on the bb's where still hoping way up.  i turned the hop up completely off and started using .28 gram bb's and the accuracy greatly improved.  the bbs dont  start falling until about 100 feet  which means this pistol is deadly accurate upto 100 feet.  the gun has 2 working safeties one on the slide above the trigger and one by the hammer.  one flaw that i noticed is the safety by the hammer has a pin that keeps falling out and is lost very easily.  the upside to this is you still have the other safety above the trigger which is much more readily available and easier to use.  the gun came with one 26 round magazine and i ordered a 2nd mag for 15 dollars.  i have ran entire games at wellford and hangar 18 using this gun only and wasnt at a disadvantage at all.  probally got 20 plus kills at each of the games.  i have used both green gas and propane in the gun and it works fine with either.  cleaning the gun is a breeze simply by removeing the slide the same way you do to adjust the hop up.

cons:  the hop up is inside the slide and can only be accessed by removing the slide.
          poor design on hammer safety
          large type pistol  and needs large type holster (thanks stepehen love the leg holster)

pros:  very accurate using heavy bb's
          insane distance
          high capacity magazine
          silencer with tite bore barrrel

all in all i am very pleased with this pistol and highly recommend it for people with limited budgets.  i spent 65 for the pistol and an extra mag and 10 dollars for a leg holster

here is the link for the you tube video  airsoft guns review: Y & P MK23 Socom Pistol

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Re: y & p socom 23 gas non blowback pistol

Post by Dominum » Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:59 pm

Nice review, I just wanted to point out that the inner barrel is not a TB, but the suppressor does have the odd feature of an extended inner barell (std 6.08mm) which increases the FPS nonetheless.
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