Head this way for reviews of gas-operated airsoft guns.
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[img width=448 height=604]http://photos-snc1.fbcdn.net/v3340/194/50/576805246/n576805246_6401538_5015696.jpg[/img]

* Before I begin with the review, I apologize for lacking pictures. I had to leave this baby in Austria.

1. Introduction
I bought this gun in a store in Austria with 125 Euros. In my opinion, it was a bit overpriced, especially because it was rebranded by this pain in the neck brand called Umarex. If y'all happen to run into Umarex, give it a gentle finger and walk away. However, this pistol's performance was pretty much 10 out of 10, but it still had some minor problems.

2. Features
This pistol is full metal. It holds more than 20 rounds, and with one gas fill, it can easily empty out a whole magazine. With poor man's chrono, it easily penetrated one side of Coke can. When you first grab this gun, you'll say, "Wow, this is heavy!" This pistol is over a kilogram, around half a pound, outweighing most full metal GBB pistols out there. Field strip is very easy, and it also requires very minimum maintenance. All you have to do is to clean out the barrel and dust off the slide once in a while. Because this gun was rebranded by Umarex, it featured no markings besides the ones that Umarex put on the gun.

3. Performance
This pistol has an incredible range. With the hop-up dialed all the way up, it could shoot up to 200 feet dead straight. It shoots no stray BBs. All BBs will fly straight until they drop at 200 feet point. If you ask me, that is incredible. The blowback is hard and crispy. Thanks to the full metal body, it also sounds pretty darn sweet. Cheap plastic body GBB pistols cannot match up to this pistol. I also experienced absolutely zero gas leak.

4. Minor Problems
This pistol almost deserves 10 out of 10, if it wasn't for this one problem I encountered. After putting about 300 rounds through, the pistol mysteriously stopped firing. I field-stripped the gun down to the bone but still could not figure out the problem. Hence, now the gun is sitting in a box across the ocean. I'm sure it is a rare malfunction problem. Another problem is, while I appreciated its heavy weight, that because of the weight, this gun tends to swing around your drop-leg holster all over. Better get a good holster for this gun.

5. Last words
This gun is truly great. No other GBB pistols that I've shot beats this gun. I recommend this gun to anybody out there, unless you can't wield around half a pound. :P

6. Pros and Cons
Ridiculous range
Minimum maintenance
Easy field-strip
High capacity
Gas efficiency

Stopped firing after 300 rounds

5 out of 10 due to the sudden cease
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