Echo 1 PSR/VSR10 clone Build Plan - Suggestions Appreciated

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Echo 1 PSR/VSR10 clone Build Plan - Suggestions Appreciated

Post by Havok7 » Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:24 pm

Echo 1 has been offering a new VSR-10 clone called the PSR for the past 8 months or so, give or take. I have not been able to find any quality/indepth reviews of this gun. Occasional brief written reviews seem to indicate that the stock polymer might be of higher quality than the Bar-10. They also claim ~40rd mags and 480-500fps, so maybe a M-150? There aren't any obvious claims that this clone is not a viable option for a VSR build, so I'm going to try it unless convinced otherwise.

As it stands I am considering two avenues:

1) Famous Youtube airsoft sniper Novritsch is offering a tuneup kit for the VSR and 6 other rifles. The kit seems to be manufactured by EdGI. Comes with a 6.01 bull tightbore, cylinder, cylinder head, piston, M-170 spring, spring guide, sears and spring guide stopper. The sears are 4401 tool steel and Novritsch claims 40,000 rds over the past 6 years with this setup, minus buckings.

My concerns for this kit are that:

-Intended for a TM VSR-10, which is sure to have a better hop-up unit than Echo 1's PSR. I would consider buying a better chamber along with the kit, potentially a PDI, recommendations appreciated. If the stock Echo 1 unit is acceptable with modifications I probably wouldn't get around to it.

-The piston, specifically the head. I really want an airbrake, as well as ample dampening. The kit piston has what appears to be 0.7-1.0 mm of rubber on the head for seal and dampening, but I am skeptical to the idea of this being optimal.

-The sears are 45 degrees, not 90 degrees. He claims 40,000 rds, with only routine cleaning/lubing I assume. Quality stainless/tool steel is tough enough to withstand any manual mechanical energy input you or any person can provide, but my concern is for the trigger pull, teflon glide ring on the piston, and inner cylinder wearing. This is perhaps my biggest concern about the kit. Please do not comment on this unless you have first hand experience with BOTH of these setups.

-Part compatibility. I've read about tolerance issues with brands like Angel Customs, and do not want to experience that.

2) I've also considered buying parts individually.

-EdGI 6.01 bull tightbore - I am aware of the tightbore debate, and am undecided on the issue. I plan on running high tolerance 0.36s, washed if determined worth it (haven't been convinced yet, outside of obvious factory residues)

-PDI hop up chamber/comparable chamber - I'm under the understanding that PDI's chamber allows AEG barrels, which is assumingly desirable. I've heard good things about miracle barrels (v cut in barrel behind and under bucking, for more consistency in hop)

-PDI W-bucking w leakstopper ring

-Stainless/Teflon cylinder - Unaware of the pros and cons, would probably go SS without ample convincing otherwise

-Double O-ring cylinder head - To match piston choice (Idk how this generally works, like if you have to buy a cylinder/head/piston kit like the PDI Raven or if piston head threads are standardized)

-Some air braked piston

-Laylax M-170 spring - I've heard Laylax's springs are thicker gauge and quieter than many

-Some SS bearing spring guide

-Some form of 90 degree trigger - I don't know the best option for a 90 degree trigger capable of handling a M-170 and still maintaining the safety function. Recommendations appreciated.

After one of these two avenues are taken, in part or in whole:

-1.5x-4x optics

-Candle wax barrel spacer method (Or would it be less of a hassle to buy Laylax/PDI barrel spacers considering weight as well)

-Duracoat, probably coyote, if not a rifle wrap. (I've seen some neat methods with velcro)

-Suppressor adapter with functional dampening foam-filled suppressor

-An extra 40 rd mag, for 3 magazines total (120 rds)

Recommendations/Suggestions welcome! Thanks again! Cheers!

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