Mercenaries - Blood Money (Blue Hole, 02/02/2019)

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Mercenaries - Blood Money (Blue Hole, 02/02/2019)

Post by Dominum » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:44 am

Join us for a unique FOUR faction, cash driven scenario!

$20 (cash)

In the poor central Asian nation of Tajikistan, local warlords struggle to control the opium transportation routes from Afghanistan as their primary source of income. A corrupt central government largely turns a blind eye, as long as officials receive their illicit kickbacks.

Two main cartels struggle for dominance:

The first, wearing green camouflage (Alpha Faction), has former Soviet routes and is comprised of some ex-USSR veterans that have carved out their own little fiefdom of Tajikistan.

The second, wearing tan and brown camouflage (Bravo Faction), has former NATO routes and is comprised mostly of NATO aligned veteran ex-patriots that have settled down to enjoy the rich life of narcotics running as well.

A major conflict is brewing between these two major factions for control of said trade routes, but, at the same time, two much smaller private mercenary groups are swooping in to profit off of the larger conflict. A small group of Hawaiian mercenaries, known mostly for their deep abiding love of Mountain Dew, are seeking to aide one of both factions in exchange for cold hard cash. Also, a small group of mysteriously unnamed mercenaries, wearing all black, plan to do the same.

Choose to play as either Alpha Faction (green camo or solid green uniforms, anything green basically. NO black tops, bottoms, or hats, NO blue jeans, NO Hawaiian shirts, NO tan or brown obviously), OR play as Bravo Faction (tan and/or brown camo or tan and/or brown uniforms, anything tan and/or brown basically. NO black tops, bottoms, or hats, NO blue jeans, NO Hawaiian shirts, NO green [obviously])

The two small mercenary teams are INVITE ONLY. They will be wearing blue jeans and Hawaiian shirts, and all black (respectively).

DO NOT wear ANY black tops, bottoms, or hats (black gear is OK if you need to use it) and DO NOT wear blue jeans or Hawaiian shirts UNLESS you have been added to one of those factions by their respective COs.


The “Broker” (Admin) will issue objectives to Alpha and Bravo factions to control certain objectives that further their dominance of the illegal opiate trade. Completion of these objectives will result in payment by the broker of cash money. The two primary factions will be scored based on how much cash money they EARN from the broker, once they have earned it they may spend it to hire either mercenary group. The final score between Alpha and Bravo will be determined by total dollars earned from the broker, whichever earns the most cash from the broker wins. Alpha and Bravo will NOT be scored on how much money they keep or steal.

The two small mercenary groups will be scored on how much money they KEEP until the end of the game. Stashes will be allowed to be retrieved after the game is called, and all monies will be turned in to the admin to score after game ends. The merc group that turns in the most cash wins.

Players that are hit but not yet bled out must hand any money on or near their person to any live player that requests it. For example, if I shoot a player on another faction and then, before their bleed out, go up and say “I’m searching you” or “Give me your money” or something similar, then that player must hand me all the cash on or near their person. Once you are hit, you cannot hide or throw your money away to prevent it from being stolen. Live players (that have of course not been hit) may hide/stash money off of their person.

Alpha and Bravo may never work together, but the merc groups may work with whomever they choose, if the price is right. Money is not scored on an individual basis, but on a factional basis. Remember that the only use of money for Alpha and Bravo is to use it to buy mercs, but the mercs can only score by acquiring as much money as possible and keeping it in their possession until the game ends.

Role playing characters may enter play with their own parameters, always follow your mission guidelines, ask your CO/XO or Admins if you have questions.

The merc groups must honor their agreements when paid, timelines will be set for all merc contracts and once the timeline expires those mercs will return to their spawn and their temporary contractual allegiance expires. Mercs that are currently under contract to a faction may heal and be healed by that faction and may use that factions spawn/respawns if directed by their CEO (leader of their respective merc group).

All friendlies are medics, standard 30 second physical contact heals with a maximum of two consecutive heals.

Mandatory three minute bleed out.

All AOSC rules apply (They can be found here: ).

Radios are HIGHLY recommended as ROE can change on a dime!

Dress for one faction or the other per the rules, you mix faction camo, you don't play (Black with green is NOT OK, etc.).

Bring a change in case of unbalanced faction numbers.

Channel 1 is for admin, call me on channel 1 if you have any problems or questions at any time.

SC Airsoft Supply will be vending with most everything you need in stock on sight prior to and after the game.

If you show up after we have begun play, call me on channel 1. It is NOT OK for you to take the field without having registered and chronographed with me first.

Mixing tops and bottoms of different faction colors is NOT OK. It is a violation of the rules and you will be required to change.

0800: Registration & Chrono Open
0930: Briefing Begins
1000: Game Starts
1230: Lunch Break
1330: Game Resumes
1530: Game Ends

Blue Hole
949 Richardsons Lake Rd
Warrenville, SC 29851
(Jesus Saves sign at intersection of Richardson's Lake and Burbage Avenue)
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