Guns of Azerbaijan July 15-16

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Guns of Azerbaijan July 15-16

Post by AirsoftPleb » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:22 pm

I had a lot of fun this game at Red Fox. It was my first RealMil in quite a while so I wasn't quite sure what to expect; so, I packed way too much on my load-out /: . Also, unfortunately, I had issues with my gun not shooting unless I held it ¿upside down? So if you saw a Greycell walking around with their gun the wrong way, it had a purpose.

Not having a FOB definitely made it interesting in a good way. Having to pitch a tent knowing the enimies could sneak up on you was actually thrilling.

The only complaint I can make is the lack of communication. I know I, as well as a few other greycell I talked to, were unaware of weapons we had to defend. We were commanded to guard Silverado City but nothing about a weapons case. I feel if we better focused our positions or maybe moving the case to a more secure location, then we could have had a chance instead of it being taken from us in the night.
•Do note, I'm unaware of what actually went on so maybe it was just me left out the loop or me not understanding the objective. So please don't take my criticism too harshly. All that matters is we had a blast :)

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Re: Guns of Azerbaijan July 15-16

Post by Dominum » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:49 am

Yep, there was a significant failure to communicate. A member of squad one found the case, read the note that it was the weapons cache, and then nothing. Command was never told about it. That is a perfect illustration of the necessity to pass along any and all battlefield intelligence to command immediately. We lost the game largely due to that. Also the fact that that ENTIRE squad passed out leaving that end of the city unwatched, allowing for a single enemy to sneak in and drag the case out literally under their noses. Dereliction of duty at it's finest. The important thing is that people LEARN from this failure and do better next time.
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