King of the Hills @ Blue Hole 12/02/2017

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King of the Hills @ Blue Hole 12/02/2017

Post by Dominum » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:06 am

A unique three faction scenario. Join us for a great day of airsoft!

Directions can be found here
Or use 949 Richardsons Lake Rd Warrenville, SC 29851

Saturday, December 2nd


0800: Registration and Chrono open
0930 Safety Briefing begins
1000 Game start
1330 Lunch Break
1430 Game Resumes
1730 Game Ends

There are three roughly equal teams; Alpha (green), Bravo (tan/brown), and Charlie (balancers like black, ACU, civies, etc.). There are TWO respawns that are roughly equidistant from "the hill" (the point everyone is trying to control). One team begins at the 'hill', this team has NO respawn. The other two teams begin one each at the two respawns, respectively. All three factions attempt to take control of the 'hill' by killing everyone else there and then maintaining their position there for as long as possible by defending it. The defending team CAN'T hold it forever because they only have two medic heals each and nowhere to respawn (when one of them runs out of heals, they stand off to the side and observe until their team is overrun). Whenever a different faction takes control of the 'hill', the faction that previously held it then gets the respawn of the faction that just took the 'hill', and around and around it goes. What's the objective? To hold the 'hill' longer than the other two factions cumulatively. It's important that we have players bring a change of fatigues in case the numbers are not balanced so some people can change.

-All friendlies are medics
-Mandatory three minute bleed out
-All AOSC rules apply (They can be found here: Click Here )
-Radios are highly recommended
-Dress for one faction or the other per the rules, you mix faction camo, you don't play (Black with green is NOT OK, etc.)
-Bring a change in case of unbalanced faction numbers
-Channel 1 is for admin, call me on channel 1 if you have any problems or questions at any time

Important Reminders:
-SC Airsoft Supply will be vending with most everything you need in stock on sight
-If you show up after we have begun play, call me on channel 1. It is NOT OK for you to take the field without having registered and chronographed with me first.
-Mixing tops and bottoms of different faction colors is NOT OK. It is a violation of the rules and you will be required to change.

Entrance to Blue Hole
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